Supporting Wattle Downs Merino Farm

A wonderful initiative by Gianluca of All About Fruit, with support from Cameron of Bruce Robinson Diamonds, and tenants of Merthyr Village.

In late October Gianluca travelled 5 hours west of New Farm to Karen Huskisson and her family of Wattle Downs Merino and Stud Farm who have been producing some of Australia’s finest sheep and wool for over 59 years. Wattle Downs Merino farm spans 90kms, over 560 acres with over 3200 sheep to feed. Like much of Australia’s farms they are currently crippled by what some are calling the worst drought in history with only 4mls of rain over the last 2 years. The cost of feed alone is $10,000 per week, a cost that has doubled over the last year and the struggle to survive is ever so real.

Gianluca delivered a ute full of water (1632 bottles to be exact), fresh fruit & veg from All About Fruit, and a generous cash donation from the new Farm community of $2367. This was all donated at All About Fruit within one week, a massive effort from the New Farm community.

Congratulations to Gianluca and All About Fruit, Cameron from Bruce Robinson Diamonds, Merthyr Village tenants and all from our New Farm Community who generously donated.

You are still abel to donate to Karen and her family via GoFundMe