Bruce Robinson Diamonds’ Award Winning Pink Diamond ‘The Pink Lowanna’

Bruce Robinson Diamonds is proud to announce its custom handmade Argyle Pink Diamond ring named “The Pink Lowanna” is the winner of the Pink Diamond Category in The 2019 Australian Jewellery Designer Awards.

In a collaborative effort with our client, the elements of providence, elegance, and modern sophistication were key to determining the ring’s ultimate form. The Pink Lowanna is a handmade 18ct rose gold and platinum diamond set ring celebrating three of the finest Argyle Pink Diamonds of the highest quality of colour, continuity, and rarity. The complementary arrangement of smaller surrounding diamonds were specifically placed to represent both the alluvial diamonds rolling through the estuary leading to Lake Argyle, and the vast geography of the West Australian Kimberly Ranges.

Bruce Robinson Diamonds is a longstanding Brisbane manufacturing jeweller (Est. 1969) located in the Merthyr Village, New Farm. As a designer and handmade manufacturer of jewellery for nearly 49 years, Bruce Robinson Diamonds views this award as an honour and an acknowledgement of our ability to select fine diamonds and coloured gemstones.

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