How We’re Fighting The Flu This Year

Despite the temps finally starting to rise, flu season is still hanging around, it’s more important than ever to think about what we’re putting in our bodies and make sure we’re getting all the vitamins and good stuff we need to stay healthy.

One of the easiest (and most delicious!) ways to keep sickness at bay, and up your intake of fruits and veggies, is to add a daily juice into your routine.

Our friends at All About Fruit and Juice are the gurus when it comes to all things juicing, and they’ve got a range of combos to keep you fighting fit and flu free.

For the ultimate immunity booster, we recommend the Ginger Zing juice, which is a delicious mix of orange, carrot, pineapple and ginger – the citrus will keep your sniffles at bay and the ginger’s anti-inflammatory powers will knock a sore throat on its head.

Or, if you’re keen for a bit more green, try one of All About Fruit’s famous green juices instead to really boost your antioxidant levels. Don’t let the healthy hue fool you, they are absolutely delicious, trust us!

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