Christmas at New Farm Deli

If you live in New Farm, there’s no doubt you’ll be familiar with New Farm Deli – the Italian cafe and deli institution that operates out of Merthyr Village.

Run by owners, Vince and Maria Anello, and operating since 1975, New Farm Deli is an iconic neighbourhood landmark that continues to go from strength to strength.

There is something special in the air at New Farm Deli around Christmas time and we caught up with the team to tell us about it.

Q. Whats happening at New Farm Deli this Christmas? 

A. As every other year, while our front-of-house team is super-busy at replenishing our shelves and cabinets with all the deliciously popular Christmas goodies, some of our staff it seems, are permanently perched on step-ladders hanging more of our beautiful panettone. 

Our Kitchen staff led by Maria, are busy baking truffle shortbread, fruit mince tarts and gingerbread (to name a few), gathering turkeys, preparing stuffing and glazing hams.  At our hamper headquarters, we are busy, busy, busy creating beautiful gift boxes and baskets to spread the love and joy of giving at Christmas

In short:  Preparing everything essential to make your Christmas a gastronomic feast!

Are there any specific Christmas traditions at New Farm Deli?

Yes, our delicious stuffed turkey, our hams and of course the ever-popular panettone imported from Italy

What’s a favourite New Farm Deli Christmas meal/recipe? 

Too many to mention but if we had to pick – it would be our take-home-ready-to-bake Lasagne

Whats the best thing about Christmas in New Farm/Brisbane? 

The Christmas spirit within our community

What can we look forward to from New Farm Deli in 2019?

More deli-ciousness!

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